Song Lessons / Tablature

Fingerstyle songs with step-by-step video breakdowns and/or tablature

In addition to the pre-made lessons below I'm offering online guitar lessons (via Facetime etc.)

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Ocean (John Butler)

Full tablature and video breakdown of the fast picking licks of John Butler's 2012 studio version of Ocean.

'Supernatural' Crossroad Blues

Full tablature and video breakdown of the delta blues played during the opening of 'Supernatural' season 2 episode 8, with additional improv/soloing at the end. Standard blues shuffle in E.

'Louie' CK Late Show Theme

Full tablature and video lesson of an arrangement of the guitar theme that opens and closes the Letterman "late show" episode arch in 'Louie' season 3, episodes 10-12.


Dancing in the Dark

Full tablature and video breakdown of this instrumental fingerpicking-style arrangement of the classic Springsteen song.

Mist (John Butler)

Full tabature and video breakdown of the album version of this fingerpicking instrumental.

Bob Dylan fingerpicking medley

Full tabature for this fingerpicking instrumental that includes "Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright", "Buckets of Rain", "Señor", "I Want You", "Simple Twist of Fate", "Señor" (reprise), and "Boots of Spanish Leather."

In Christ there is no East or West

Full tablature and video breakdown of this classic fingerpicking piece by John Fahey, the father of Americana picking, also covered by Leo Kottke. This performance is based on this version from the album the Legend of Blind Joe Death (the second time it appears on the reissue).